08 cheval adistance

Long distance / virtual coaching


Carmen Zulauf is specialised in coaching students from Level 1 to Level 4 as well as coaching futur and present instructors in their Horsemanship and professionals journey. 


Video coaching with Zoom meetings, personal advice. Instant help. Constant progression. 

We all need a coach in order to make sure we progress and practice not only the things we like. 

There is nothing better than a kind outside eye with experienced advice. 

You can just send in a video at a time for a problem solving or sing up for a longterm coaching.

Depening of your technology there might be some live coaching possible as well.

Spaces are limited on the longterm coaching. 

At this time I am focussing on making this program more avaliable for students that do not speak english ;-). This means my offers for groups are not in english but individual coaching is possible. 


I keep it very simple. Send me an email if you would like to know more.